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How to buy baby trolly

Published by admin April 09,2022

  1. Buy baby trolly economic budget

  According to the family situation, decide the budget space of the stroller. It is necessary to consider whether to choose a baby stroller to use in the end, or to choose two baby strollers to be used alternately.


  2. Baby trolly age

  The user of the stroller is a baby, so we must first consider the safety of the baby. If your baby is six months old, sleep is the mainstay, and you should lie down in a comfortable stroller when choosing. If your baby is more than one year old, he can walk and choose a baby stroller that can lie down and sleep.

  3. The purpose of baby trolly

  If you only use it in the surrounding area, you can choose a general high-view stroller. If you want to go out and play and your baby is older, you can choose an umbrella cart that is easy to fold and easy to carry.


  4. Home environment

  In general, Bao’s mother is the one who takes the child, and the weight of the stroller is also different. If you live in a villa area, baby trolly can be placed directly in the garage, not to mention, the space for choosing a stroller is larger.

  If you live in a high-rise building and there is no elevator, you should consider whether the stroller can be folded with one key when purchasing a stroller. The weight of the stroller is lighter.

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